We educate, you learn, we achieve.

Our treatment approach emphasizes 3 core principles for physical success:

Our treatment approach emphasizes 3 core principles


Education Focused

Our therapist are highly motivated and educated in Orthopedic physical therapy.

But how much do YOU know about your own body?

How long to heal? How hard to push? We never received an Owner's Manual, and it shows in the injuries we develop and the surgeries we have.

At Glackin Physiotherapy, we teach you about your body. This allows you to not only recover, but to succeed with whatever physical ailments are thrown your way.

One on one physical therapy care

The One-on-One Experience

In today's healthcare system, time with your provider is becoming a rarity. How many times have you left your provider feeling like your complaint wasn't fully addressed?

It's not just about expertise; it's about having the time to utilize it.

At Glackin Physiotherapy, we provide one-on-one physical therapy and rehabilitation for one hour. One-on-one means that you, as the patient, receive care from a doctorate-trained physical therapist for your full session. No techs, no aids, and no assistants.

Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap

It's not about avoiding behaviors due to severity of injury. It's about meeting a certain tissue where it is (based on the trauma suffered) and giving it the optimal environment to grow.

Different goals require different stimuli for success.

Are you looking to walk a mile with your partner after a total hip replacement? Let's do it.

Did you suffer a debilitating back injury and want to lift weights again? It's go time.

Did you suffer a season-ending leg injury and want to come back stronger than ever? We're ready.

How wide is your gap? How can we help?

How can we help?