Why pressing RESET?

The term, Pressing RESET, and the below sequence is credited to Original Strength Systems, LLC. Pressing RESET is a way to quickly and efficiently restore the movement a person's body was created to have. The system works by reactivating a person's nervous system using a number of simple movements. There are hundreds of variations of the five base movements we cover below. The below series of movements takes a person through the human developmental sequence thereby stimulating the nervous system, waking up foundational movement patterns, and developing efficient, reflexive, strength; making all movement and tasks easier.

What is PNF Carryover

If you are a patient at GlackinPT, we've likely performed some PNF on you. PNF stands for Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation. To put it simply, it's a technique utilizing manual/hands on contact, to provide information to the brain about where the body is and how it's doing (proprioception), to get the correct muscles to engage then develop endurance(neuromuscular), and then (facilitate) them to make movement easier and more efficient.

Hip Flexibility

See our list of my commonly prescribed exercises to help my patients particularly aimed at improve range of motion around the hips and hamstrings.