What insurances do you take at Glackin Physiotherapy, LLC?

Here at Glackin Physiotherapy, LLC, our personalized physical therapy approach has two structured ways of treatment, depending on your needs and individualized situation: In-Network Insurance and Out-Of-Network Insurance.


We work with you to determine your insurance benefits, calculate your current deductible, and collect your co-pay each visit.Our billing personnel handle the rest.


We work with you to determine your out-of-network insurance benefits and calculate what you can expect to be reimbursed by your insurance company. Payment is due at the start of treatment, and you will be given a superbill at the end of each visit to submit to your insurance. Upon request, Glackin Physiotherapy, LLC can submit your claim to your insurance.

Glackin Physiotherapy, LLC is In-Network with:

Carefirst (Blue Cross Blue Shield, etc)
Workman's Compensation

Glackin Physiotherapy, LLC is out of network with:

Johns Hopkins
Kaiser Permanente
All other plans

Why Go Out-Of-Network When I Have In-Network Benefits?

For Those with Regular Insurance and Copays:

Average co-pays typically cost $25-50 per visit at a clinic for 20-30 minutes with a licensed physical therapist. More often than not, these visits aren’t one-on-one hour visits with a DPT! Why is this important? Because it’ll take 6-8 weeks, 2x/wk, to heal an injury that can be managed 1x/wk, for 3-4 weeks. That’s half the time, for the same (if not less) overall cost.

For those with a High In-Network Deductible:

With the current state of healthcare, those who carry insurance typically haven’t hit their deductible by the time they seek care. Therefore, whether a clinic is in their network or not, they will be required to pay for the full visit until the deductible is met. Often times, these rates are 160$+ a visit. Why pay an in-network deductible for a 20-30 minute visit with a therapist when you can pay the same amount or less for an out-of-network, personalized, one-on-one hourly visit?

For those without insurance:

Rates at Glackin Physiotherapy are lower than rates typically charged at a cash rate for in network facilities. Typically, the lowest in-network therapy services charge is $160+ for out of network services.

Can I Be Reimbursed Through My Insurance Company?

Yes, you can

…but only if your insurance provides out-of-network benefits. Locate the number on the back of your insurance card (member services) and call to determine your out-of-network physical therapy benefits. If you have any questions regarding this process, feel free to give us a call. Refer to “Cost of Service/Patient Expectations” to determine cost of treatment.

After treatment

Once treatment is provided, you will be given an invoice that contains all necessary documentation for reimbursement. Submit this form to your respective insurance company along with their required documents and you’re all set!

Additional questions

If you have any questions regarding the process, please feel free to email through the contact page or contact Dr. Glackin directly with the number listed below.