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foot pain when walking

Foot Pain

Our feet support us all day long but rarely do we give them the attention they deserve until there's something wrong!

Foot Pronation and Ankle Pain

Often as physical therapists, we hear how our patient's feet are pronated or that they have flat feet! However,...

Morton's Neuroma

Who is Morton and what is his neuroma? A neuroma is classified as a thickening of the tissue surrounding a nerve. A...

Stress Fractures in the Foot

You've been told you have a stress fracture in your foot! You might be feeling a little overwhelmed and worried. The...


Bunions are bumps on the side of your feet that can develop for a number of reasons. They can be very painful, restrict...

Plantar Fasciitis

How often do we think about the bottom of our feet except to check how dirty they are? Probably not very often unless...

Stretching and Plantar Fasciitis

Heel pain is a common symptom that seemingly happens out of the blue. To runners and weightlifters, the feeling of...

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